Linda Libis

Registered Psychotherapist

MEd | CCC | ACHt | RP

Private Practice since 1995 Accepting new clients

Linda Libis

REgistered Psychotherapist

MEd | CCC | ACHt

Private Practice since 1995
Accepting new clients



What is Linda's Approach?

Linda creates an empathetic atmosphere, while encouraging clients to deeply experience, explore and feel emotions that are related to both past and present circumstances.


How Does Linda Help?

Linda uses varied, yet integrative treatments alongside 20 years of private practice experience, diverse modalities, and extensive continuing education.


Why is Therapy Helpful?

Through insight, new strategies and support, clients experience resolution of painful issues, empowerment and improved relationships.

New Clients

Linda is currently accepting new clients, and welcomes adult individuals and couples of diverse backgrounds, cultural and religious beliefs, sexual orientations, genders and ages. People often begin therapy in order to pursue their own personal growth, while others need support for specific traumatic experiences. Linda is committed to creating a safe and confidential space where clients feel they can share their experiences and feelings comfortably. The relationship between Linda and her clients, and the therapy sessions themselves, are treated with individual care and attention.




Linda offers support for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life Transitions
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Linda uses the following modalities:

  • Integral Breath Therapy
  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy
  • Holographic Memory Resolution
  • Psychodynamic Talk Therapy
  • EMDR


Linda runs workshops throughout the year. Please visit the site regularly for updates about Transformational Healing Experience Workshops and Let Go of What Has You Workshops.


If you are in a situation that requires immediate help and Linda is not available, please contact the following helplines or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

Phone Icon
  • Crisis Response Line: 1-866-933-2023 | 519-433-2023

  • Crisis Response Line (After Hours): 519-667-6711

  • Abused Women's Helpline: 1-800-265-1576 | 519-642-3000 (24 hour)